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> This is related to validation tests, but different enough that I wanted
> a new thread. While we *can* release new versions of FMW on
> getfedora.org at Fedora GA, there's no reason to tie the two together —
> and really, some good ones to *not* double up:
> * we can fix bugs without waiting
> * we can add new functionality whenever
> * and we don't have to worry about surprise failures due to regressions
>   on GA release day affecting the rush of people
> I have a feature request (use a distinct user-agent for ISO downloads
> so we can tell when FMW is being used) which I'd love to not wait for
> June/July to get live.
> Do we want to go through validation and update the website whenever
> Martin cuts a new release upstream? Or do we want to have
> regularly-scheduled times to do it? Or whenever there's a particular
> reason to do it and leave it alone otherwise? Or something else?

I like the idea of decoupling this from the release schedule.

Maybe mbriza "nominates" a release for validation (not every release
needs to go to the web site ASAP perhaps?) and schedules something
like a Test Day with QA. And that test day can act as validation, out
of band. And then after all the major bugs are found to be fixed, it
can be handed off to web folks for updating.

Chris Murphy
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