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> Hello Everyone,
> My name is Lucas Brizzi, I'm 20 years old, I'm student in physics in the
> IUT of Orsay (France).
> I have been working a lot with Fedora for 4 years and now I want to
> contribute Fedora QA. I'm not a developer, but I can maybe help the project.
> So, thanks a lot for some people who accepted me.
> Regards,
> Lucas
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Hey Lucas,

First of all, Welcome and thanks for showing your interest in Fedora QA.Please 
create a FAS account and send a QA group request.

You can start off by testing updates in [http://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/] for 
Fedora 24 , Fedora 25 and Fedora 26.  Update testing is where a tester tests a 
package and gives out a +1 Karma for PASS and -1 Karma for FAIL. You can go to 
bodhi.fedoraproject.org where you can sort the packages with Fedora Releases 
and tags viz "pending" & "testing" . You can read much about update testing 
here [1]. You can also, use fedora-easy-karma for giving out feedbacks.

We just had a release but you can still test rawhide. In between the release 
cycle , you can start with  Release Validation testing. In Release Validation 
all you need to do is to check the nightly/TC/RC against certain criteria. For 
example, let's take the latest RC 
you can run test cases which are mentioned [2] and submit your results in the 
test matrix.

Note that each of the test cases[3] will have "How to test" section which will 
have the steps (to be executed sequentially) and if the results match with the 
expected results you can mark it as pass by editing the wiki page 
{{result|PASS|<fas_username>}} . Always make sure to check for "Associated 
release criterion" which can be found on the top of test case page , if your 
test case fails you can mark it fail by editing the wiki page 
{{result|FAIL|<fas_username>}} and file a bug at RHBZ [4] under Fedora.

 You can always find the ‘current’ validation pages using these addresses:


For Automation, you can start looking at Taskotron 
and Open QA[https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OpenQA].


There is a getting started series:

Feel free to drop by at #fedora-qa @ freenode and every monday we have meeting 
from 1400UTC , come and say Hi!

PS we have a on-boarding call happening very soon , stay tuned to this mailing 
list as I will be sending an Poll very soon.

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