I have just completed the recent Big Rawhide Upgrade on my
laptops/workstations. I will admit to not using the lowest risk way of
upgrading mostly because I don't want to have to work with each machine
physically individually. I generally use an SSH login from another
machine to keep the risk at Bash and Network Manager upgrade problems.
This morning I got lazy (having upgraded the laptops using the normal
approach) and upgraded my workstation from a terminal in an Wayland
session on the workstation itself. Normally this is OK, today it

Part way through the "dnf upgrade", the terminal crashed, leaving me
with masses of downloaded and installed but not yet upgraded packages.
So I ended up with what dnf said was a fully upgraded machines and yet
there were 835 duplicates, as reported by "dnf check".

If there are one or two I remove the newest version manually and then
do the upgrade again. For 835 I am not about to even start this
process. "dnf remove --duplicates" refused to work because some of the
duplicates were protected. dnf and systemd in particular. OK so I can
handle doing those manually using the "--setopt=protected_package="
options so as to be able to remove the newest version. So dnf and
systemd fully up to date.

Now "dnf remove --duplicates" works – which is good. :-) However,…

The "dnf list --installed" listing shows all the new packages from
@System not from @rawhide. I am hoping this doesn't matter, but it is
annoying. This is not the case for the package removed and re-upgraded
manually, just for the ones 'fixed' using "dnf remove --duplicates".

I am thinking that "dnf remove --duplicates" isn't actually the right
way of fixing this sort of problem, that there is a better way of
handling barfed upgrades.

I also notice that "dnf list --showduplicates" highlights a lot of
entries but there is no clear indication of what the problem is.
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