I want to get started testing updates, but I want to be sure I understand some things first.

Most of the updates I see that need testing are libraries. They are either used to add functions to programming languages or provide functions needed by the operating system and applications. Some are identifiable by their names containing terms like Perl. I assume those are functions for the Perl language and since I don't use Perl it seems like it wouldn't be productive for me to try testing them. Most of the updates I can not identify what they are used for.

With all of that I decided to check updates to see if they were installed on the PCs here. I thought if they were I could trace them back to see where they were used and develop some ideas of how and what to test to see if they were good to go. After checking several updates, though I could see the packages in dnfdragora, but they were not installed. So the how and what to test remains a mystery.

I found some notes on EasyKarma and from what I can tell that is a tool for registering the results of testing rather than a testing tool.

As I look at the Top Testers I see there are people testing thousands of updates each week; so I think I am missing something, but I don't know what. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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