Chris Murphy composed on 2018-04-04 10:44 (UTC-0600):

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> Felix Miata composed on 2018-04-04 01:35 (UTC-0400):

>>> I just tried updating a 32bit F28, starting with and F27 installation. No
>>> problem, except, it's content to keep the only installed kernel, 4.14.11.
>>> Neither dnf update nor dnf install seem to think there is anything newer 
>>> available.

>> dnf install kernel-core kernel-modules worked. If there was an announcement 
>> of
>> kernel name change for i686, I missed it. :-p

> There were kernel packing changes between kernels 4.14 and 4.15. You
> should have been on 4.15 before the update to Fedora 28. Fedora 28 is
> on kernel 4.16.

> You should file a bug.

Maybe not. What happened was I cloned 27 to another partition in order to update
it to 28 - in mid-January - but I didn't update the clone at the time. So the
update to 28 didn't follow procedure, wasn't updated to current before the
switch to 28, thus missing updating 27 kernel from 4.14 to 4.15.
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