Hi Team,

For some unkown reason, this bug was "fixed with workaround"

I say unkown to the fact that someone / somewhere (upstream or in fedora?)
changed the default dpm to dpm=0 in kernel config, this is one ofthe
worarounds that we had in the bug since reported, but until now I had to
manually add the workaround.

This is good thing because users that uses this card will no have problems

I don't know if the default settings was added to other Polaris cards, but
could be good to confirm.

How fedora can be better notified when we have this kind of bugs without
Is this test list the best place for that?

I think this kind of bug is important one, because if you don't set the
right default setting: users get freezes without knowing why it happens,
and then new users to fedora will stop using fedora if they can't find a
solution. (most of users could not find the solution, as these settings are
very hard to find and know when are causing problems, at least it was hard
to find for me).

Is there any proactive task for each release to watch over this kind of
bugs? Trying to identify those that needs defaults settings change to avoid
problems with video drivers?
Is it something where I can help looking for?

Kind regards,

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