I have updated several systems from Fedora 27 to Fedora 28 and since then I can 
not print.

I did not found any related problems either on bugzilla for cups or 
cups-filters on in the common 
bugs for Fedora 28.

I have also used the nice pages at 

to try to debug the problem.

I have cups and foomatic with debug enabled according to the instructions in 
the page above.

I get something like this for foomatic debug, when trying to print the

Filetype: PDF
Storing temporary files in /var/spool/cups/tmp
File contains 1 pages
Starting renderer with command: gs -dShowAcroForm  -q -dBATCH -dPARANOIDSAFER -
dNOPAUSE -dNOINTERPOLATE -sDEVICE=pxlmono -r600x600 -dMediaPosition=0 -
Starting process "kid3" (generation 1)
Starting process "kid4" (generation 2)
Starting process "renderer" (generation 2)
JCL: ESC%-12345X@PJL
<job data> 

renderer exited with status 141
A filter used in addition to the renderer itself may have failed.Kid3 exit 
status: 1

Although the culprit seems to be kid3 (it is a recurrent problem in all my 
attempts) I have no 
idea what this filter is in order to better understand what is the problem.

José Abílio
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