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> This is related to KDE Live being oversize at Beta:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1561763
> which should have been a blocker, but it was agreed that we will change
> criteria instead. Here's a proposal for that change.
> Instead of current Beta criterion:
> "The release-blocking images must meet current size requirements."
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_28_Beta_Release_Criteria#image-size-
> requirements
> I propose to move that criterion to Final milestone instead, and use this
> wording:
> "The release-blocking images must meet current size requirements, as
> documented at [Releases/28/ReleaseBlocking][1]." (the release number will
> of course change in time)
> I chose [1] over [2], because [1] contains all important release-blocking
> images (distinguished to individual .iso or .img level), while [2] only
> contains spins and nothing else. In [1], we will add a new column labeled
> "target size" and fill it out. It is enough to fill it out just for images
> marked as release blocking. The nice thing is that in that table you can
> easily see who is responsible for that image, and so it's clear who's
> responsible for keeping the target size up-to-date (and also whom to ping
> if it isn't).
> The reason to move this criterion to Final is that we no longer block on
> optical images for Beta (that's quite a recent change), and with flash
> drives you can always get a larger flash drive to fit the image on. So it's
> no longer necessary to insist on perfect size for Beta. And being oversize
> is honestly just a minor problem.
> Note that I haven't proposed any particular sizes for any particular
> images. I believe that should be all the responsibility and decision of the
> owning group (or perhaps FESCo, for some generic images), not QA.
> Thoughts?

This got pre-approved on latest QA meeting. I adjusted the wiki page and
created a "target size" column:

I was also tasked by contacting all the individual maintainers and ask them
to consider the current target size and provide an up-to-date one. I've
sent the requests here:

Now it's waiting for the image owners to respond.
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