I have another proposal (or maybe I'm wrong about this).

Make an announcement (or a proposal) some days (1 week?) before the test day date. For example this week, I saw the announcement for the Cloud test day the day of the event. And the wiki page of this test day hasn't been created 1 week before.

I don't know if we can see the announcement somewhere else, personally I follow community blog + fedora mag + test announce for that.

Without this information it is more difficult to translate / forward the announcement (I make French articles every-time on my blog) on schedule. I understand that the tests could be executed some days later the official date but it is more relevant if we can have more results the dedicated day. And some test days required some preparations (download a big image or updates, create a virtual machine, or other things) and it is better if we can prepare that before this day.

I agree with the rest of guidlines.

Charles-Antoine Couret
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