On Fri, Apr 13, 2018, 5:09 AM Sumantro Mukherjee <sumuk...@redhat.com>

> Hey All,
> Tuesday 2018-04-13 will be Kernel Test Day[1] Test Day! As Fedora 28
> will be using 4.16 , we want to test it across all arcs and different
> variants of F28.

I would like to know if the kernel test tool is supposed to work on
architectures others than x86. Because as reported on pagure [1], the last
times I have used the tool on a Raspberry Pi I got a lot of messages and
some failures. And, since I'm not an expert, I don't understand if it is
the tool itself that is not designed for ARM, or if the reported failures
are true.

[1] <https://pagure.io/kernel-tests/issue/14>


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