On 12/3/19 06:27, Kamil Paral wrote:
On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 7:43 PM pmkel...@frontier.com <pmkel...@frontier.com>

I have the update ready. I think I interpolated the discussion
correctly, but probably leaned toward the "keep it simple for now" case.
Please let me know if there are further changes needed. Here's the link:


I was hoping you would include `journalctl | grep` commands that would look
for the strings Chris mentioned, so that it's easy for people or for
scripts to confirm whether the filesystem was or wasn't properly unmounted.
It's still helpful to include the examples (they don't necessarily need to
be Expected Results, but it's fine there), so that people can compare the
full text if they want or have doubts, but those grep commands would make
the comparison much simpler.

I took a quick tour back through some the the recent e'mail, but didn't see any thing about grepping the journal. From the above, I'm thinking it might be good to do the journalctl -b > journal.log first and then grep the file for the unfortunate result phrases. Then if one of the phrases is found in the file ask the tester to file a bug report with the journal file attached. Is that what you had in mind?

I believe the poweroff cycle can be left out, and we can ask just for a
single reboot.

I can certainly do that.

Also, can you please fix the formatting in Expected Results?

Lucas thank you for the formatting. I tried to get a better result, but had no luck.

        Have a Great Day!

        Pat     (tablepc)
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