A few minor (and possibly premature) observations, questions and 
requests about the current tetex beta:

-- I would like to suggest the inclusion of framed.sty by Donald Arseneau 
in teTeX; it's license is ok as far as I can tell and can be found 
together with the scarce but adequate documentation at the beginning of 
framed.sty. I don't know of an alternative to its capabilities (framed and 
shaded backgrounds to text that can continue beyond page breaks) and looks 
like the kind of package which although seldom used may become handy to 
any LaTeX user sooner or later.
-- shouldn't pdfpages be under $TEXMF/tex/pdlatex instead of 
-- is $TEXMF/doc/indexnew.html going to be updated or replaced by 
something different?
-- if $TEXMF/doc/indexnew.html is going to be updated can its link to 
local documentation be somewhere at the top of the page?
-- I have a png antialiased and only slightly larger version of the teTeX 
logo used in indexnew.html; it can be obtained from 
http://www.math.ist.utl.pt/texmf.local/doc/tetex.png if Thomas or Keith 
Refson wish to use it.

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