Jonas Steverud writes:
 > Is "/usr/local/lib/texmf/texcp tex/*" sufficient
sufficient but not elegant

 mkdir /usr/local/lib/texmf/tex/baskerbe
 cp tex/* /usr/local/lib/texmf/tex/baskerbe


 > But dvips/*? Dvips doesn't use kpsearch AFAIK and I couldn't make head

it certainly does, in dvipsk (which is what it in teTeX)

 > I am a little at loss when it comes to fonts and TeX so the more
 > information the better.
the TDS documentation

 > Is .fd, .tfm and .vf sufficent for dvips (and other viewers) to
 > produce some output or are .afm, .pfb, .inf and .pfm needed too?

from your list of suffices, .pfb is the key one. .afm and .pfm are
metrics, .inf is metadata. PFB is the font itself


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