[Added xdvi + xdvik maintainers to Cc:]
> I have "updated" my system to RedHat 7.0, and now my xdvi does not
> have any of the buttons (Quit and friends).
> I'd like to emphasize that I have my own tetex installation, and I am
> not using the RH rpms, so the only thing that changed is XFree and
> bash to bash2 as the link to sh.  I got
> $ rpm -q XFree86 bash
> XFree86-4.0.1-1
> bash-2.04-11
> Where should I look for clues?
> I have the output of `texconfig confall' as
> http://moni.msci.memphis.edu/~mw/texconfig_confall.txt

I can confirm that. It even happens for me if I recompile xdvi. Running
xdvi against the XFree-4.01 shared libs shows this problem. Running the
same binary arainst the XFree-3.?? libraries works ok.


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