>>>>> "Ed" == Ed L Cashin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    > Try setting the TERM environment variable to vt100.  In a
    > Bourne-style shell, that would be:

    >     TERM=vt100 export TERM

    > texconfig uses dialog, and I bet your $TERM is "generic", which
    > dialog and I have never heard of.  Just a guess.
Hi Ed, there had been a problem in the past which Thomas has fixed in
the latest beta.  In older versions of teTeX texconfig first checks
whether /usr/bin/dialog exists on the system.  If yes, it is called
and uses the current TERM type.  If it does not exist it uses its own
dialog with TERM=generic.  The corresponding terminfo file and a
README is in texmf/texconfig.

If someone has a dialog in /bin rather than in /usr/bin and /bin comes
before teTeX/bin in $PATH, texconfig wants to use its own dialog, sets
TERM=generic but then runs /bin/dialog (without the full path) which
would cause this error message.

I had a problem when I installed my own teTeX on Slackware Linux.  The
Slackware setup program used teTeX's dialog because it was found first
in $PATH but that didn't know what to do with TERM=linux.

Thomas has changed two things now in the latest beta release.
1. texconfig now looks for a system dialog in /bin and /usr/bin, and
2. the dialog provided by teTeX is now called tcdialog to prevent

It works well for me.


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