On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Thomas Esser wrote:

> This glibc is a very recent version. So, the rest of your system is
> likely to be very "bleeding edge", too?
> Well, I suspect that we run into some compiler bug here...
> Thomas

Hi again:

This is the same problem I had reported on some time ago. It's probably a
gcc 2.96 bug and simply affects libkpathsea.a (and any binaries dependent
on this). Probably one can bypass it by replacing libkpathsea.a by a
version compiled on a RH 6.2 system (egcs-2.91.66) and "make clean; make"
in the affected directories. For me it worked for xdvi. I don't have the
time or knowledge to investigate this further.

One can get a feeling for gcc 2.96 problems by reading for instance

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