I know the question I am about to ask is one rarely answered, and for
excellent reasons - but I ask it anyway:

Is there a new teTeX release underway anytime soon?

The present stable release is getting quite old.  We certainly need
amslatex version 2, for example.  I also have the impression that
pdftex has been improved quite a bit lately, and it would be nice to
have a recent version of it.

Now please don't get me wrong:  I appreciate the ease and convenience
of installing teTeX, and I also appreciate the longish interval
between releases, which helps to diminish the pressure to always
upgrade to the latest version.  But with more than a year since the
previous release I think maybe the time is ripe for another stable
release.  (Perhaps after the next LaTeX release, unless June 1 arrives
very late this year?)

If a new stable release is not very likely to happen soon, I'll
consider the latest beta instead.  What experiences do people have
with the beta releases?  And do they track stuff like amslatex and
pdftex well?  My dilemma here is twofold: I maintain teTeX on umpteen
architectures for our entire university, so I cannot afford a high
risk of mistakes (an argument in favour of stable releases).  And I
basically only have the time for major upgrades during the summer
months, which may be difficult to synchronize with stable releases (an
argument in favour of beta releases).

Any insight, wisdom, or (gasp!) actual information will be very
welcome indeed.

- Harald

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