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| With openjade I'm  generating a 1200 page large PDF document.
| After about 600 pages pdfjadetex quits with the error that
| it has run out of capacity. In this case it has run out of
| the parameter 'number of strings' (about 52000).
| I figured out that the parameter max_strings has to be increased.
| This parameter cannot be changed in the texmf.cnf file.

Sure it can.  What gave you the idea that it cannot?  (Did you make a
local texmf.cnf and forget to set TEXMFCNF?)

| Therefore, this number has to be fixed in the sources and pdftex
| needs to be recompiled, I assume.
| The problem now is, that the value of max_strings must not exceed
| the value of max_halfword. Unfortunately I need a value of 200000
| for max_strings. For this, I have to increase the value of
| max_halfword.

Indeed, if you want it *that* big it seems that you need to recompile.

But tex.ch already sets

@d max_halfword==@"FFFFFFF {largest allowable value in a |halfword|}

so that isn't the problem.  More difficult is the bit that says

@d ssup_max_strings ==65535
{Larger values may be used, but then the arrays consume much more memory.}

which eventually stops you from making max_strings bigger than that
number.  You could try changing that 65535 into @"FFFFFFF - maybe that
would do the trick?

(And remember the structure of .ch files:  The lines following @x are
original lines from the .web file, while the lines following the next
@y are their replacement.  So it only makes sense to edit a .ch file
after @y line, before the next @x line.)

Disclaimer:  I have never tried this sort of thing myself, so I cannot
guarantee it.  Let us know if you succeed.

- Harald

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