I've just had a user here point out to me that a LaTeX document typeset
with `latex' (from teTeX 1.0.7) is positioned 0.65" (approx 17mm)
further down the page than when it is typeset with pdflatex. I think the
DVI-typeset version is correct. The LaTeX source file is:

\title{A \LaTeX2\ article}
\author{John A. Murdie,\\
Department of Computer Science,\\
University of York.}
\section{The first section}
This is text in the first section \cite{gms:latex}.
\subsection{The first sub-section}
This is text in the first sub-section \cite{kn:gnus}.
\subsubsection{The first sub-sub-section}
This is text in the first sub-sub-section.
\section{The second section}
This is text in the second section \cite{la:latex}.
\section{The third section}
This is text in the third section.

I encourage users here to use the `a4paper' class argument, but I
believe that should be the default anyway.

It's almost as if pdflatex is ignoring the `a4paper'. I've not altered
the teTeX configuration files, but it does look as if the PDF
typesetting is being targetted at U.S. Letter paper.

What should I check?

John A. Murdie
Experimental Officer (Software)
Department of Computer Science
University of York

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