I see I can enable a grid with xdvi but it doesn't have incremental
markings and no numbers showing sizes. (The xdvi grid doesn't seem to have
any numerical coordinates.)

The manual page doesn't explain it very well.

Can anyone explain or share some examples of how the grid with xdvi can be

It would be nice if a grid could be enabled that showed incremental
markings and numbers showing sizes.

For example, I am working on tri-fold brochures. It would be nice to see a
horizontal and vertical rulers (with fractional inches or centimeters
clearly labeled) and grid with xdvi so I can see if the margins line up
correctly for folding. So I don't have to print out several copies to
manually try it!

Or do you know of any other dvi or postscript viewing tools I can use that
provide a ruler or a good grid?

(As a workaround I have tried simply adding the grid to the original

I am using xdvi from teTeX-src-1.0.7.


   Jeremy C. Reed

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