Since my disk storage has increased from 4Gbytes to 24Gbytes, I can now
have in parallel emTeX (which has several very useful features) and
TeXLive 6b. Of course, I have on my Win98SE TWO kinds of MSDOS windows,
one with emtex/bin in the path and specific emTeX environment variables,
the other withour emTeX but with the TeXLive required path and

 Both still work OK for [la]texing, but I have a problem with pdftex:

C:\tmp>pdftex null
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159-pre-1.0-unofficial-20010704 (Web2c
Error: pdftex.exe (file pdftex.cfg): cannot open config file

Besides, "kpsewhich pdftex.cfg" yields nothing, while:

C:\tmp>kpsewhich texmf.cnf

Note that the above pdftex command works if there is a COPY of
pdftex.cfg in the current directory (then, it is found) and not it it
has to be taken in the TeXLive subdirectories.

Of course, mktexlsr was recently run and, using "grep" (the DJGPP
command) I find that pdftex.cfg duly is within the ls-R files. BUT there
is a difference: "kpsewhich --help" says that *.cnf are searched, but
not the *.cfg.

Therefore, either there is a bug in pdftex which unduly use kpathsearch
to find pdftex.cfg, or I should modify the list of seachable suffixes...
but where?

Thanks for any help.

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