Le Jeudi 28 Février 2002 02:05, vous avez écrit :
> Hello,
> I think that \documentclass[french,slovene, ...]{article}
> together with \selectlanguage{slovene} automatically inserts more
> space after periods. I may be wrong, but how do I force french
> spacing off? I'm using it only because it makes _french_ double
> quotes look better.
> Thanks,
> andrej
First I think that you should ask on comp.text.tex.

I fail to understand how, when slovene is the selected language, french could 
decide something about spacing.

I think that more space after period is the american way of typesetting. This 
is not true in French typography.

This setting is certainly chosen by the babel-slovene package. You could try
\frenchspacing which (Lamport says) suppresses extra space after punctuation. 
But this is a fragile command (possible problems with moving arguments).

Hope I helped a little.

Y. Henel, TeXnicien de surface.

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