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On 29 Mar 2002, Paulo J. Matos wrote:

> Does any of you know if it is possible to insert an image on the
> title page? If yes, how?
> I'm writing a report and the image I'd like to put is the logo of
> the research center I'm working for.
> Any ideas how this should be done?

This is the wrong list to ask questions about TeX and LaTeX writing. This
list is about use and development of the teTeX distribution.

You would do better to try one of the TeX or LaTeX user groups, of which I
believe there is a branch in Portugal, there is certainly a group in Spain

There are some very good books in English which together are considered
the "bible" for LaTeX:

LaTeX A document preparation system. by Leslie Lamport; pub Addison Wesley

The LaTeX Companion. by Goossens, Mittlebach & Samarin; pub Addison Wesley

With these two books to guide you, and some effort spent in practice, you
can put just about anything anywhere on a page, and in any orientation you
want. You will certainly learn from them how to redefine particular styles
to suit your own purpose, which would enable you to easily do what you
want with your logo on the title page.

For TeX you want the book by Donald Knuth.

I don't know if any of these books have been translated to Portugese, but
it is possible that they might have been. Try contacting the publishers.

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