Ingo Krabbe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've read about \special{src: ...} commands, that might be produced in several
> TeX distributions or macro packages, in the help text of xdvi and in the 
> manual
> page of xdvi.  Since I do program development with cweb I'm highly interested
> in mapping source files to DVI files.

> So, does anybody in here, know about a plain TeX macro package that produces
> such source special commands ?

The xdvi man page mentions srcltx.sty (for LaTeX) and srctex.sty
(for Plain), both part of srcltx.dtx (a slight misnomer):

These macro packages essentially add specials only to everypar
and everymath; that's OK for most ordinary .tex files, but I
don't know how well this works for cweb.

If you have a teTeX-beta later than 20011103, you can
alternatively use the TeX command-line option `-src' to activate
source specials; it has the following additional insertion points
for source specials: everyparend, everycr, everyhbox, everyvbox,

Stefan Ulrich

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