I'm new to teTeX but have used LaTeX on another platform.  I'm getting
ready to migrate to teTeX for full-time use and have a couple of questions
about adding packages and fonts, and even updating LaTeX, in teTeX.  If I
understand well, I should preferably add local packages and fonts to a new
texmf-tree and make Kpathsea aware of this tree.  Is there a generally
preferred location for such a new texmf-tree, or does everyone just choose
a place that s/he likes best?  When it comes to updating LaTeX itself, am I
right to assume that I should overwrite the standard texmf-tree?  In
principle, I guess, I could also add a new LaTeX version to my new
texmf-tree, but this seems less efficient.  (I'm using teTeX 1.0.6 from
Debian Potato.)

Christopher Pinon

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