On Sunday 26 May 2002 07:50, Thomas Esser wrote:
> > 1. I can't get my path commands to stick. When I issue
> > export PATH=$PATH:/usr/TeX/bin/i386-linux
> > I have to reissue it each time I log in and sometimes more often. I have
> > issued this command as root, and the problem still wont go away;
> environment variables are only passed to child processes on UNIX, never
> to parent processes. Put this setting into your private ~/.profile or
> /etc/profile to make it permanent.
Because Idris S Hamid mentions he is using the SuSE distribution a better 
place is IMHO /etc/profile.local. This file is as the names suggests should 
be used for local changes and the file will be preserved in case of upgrading 
the system to a new version. This is comparable to the use of the file 

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   Jos Winnink

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