> From what I understand a "capacity exceeded" message generally indicates 
> sloppy coding; and capacities rarely need to be increased. However I have a 
> situation using Omega where teTeX gives me
> ! Omega capacity exceeded, sorry [number of strings=3265]
> but fpTeX gives me no problems at all. Is there a way I can increase the 
> appropriate values in teTeX? Is there a number whose valuse I can compare in 
> both teTeX and fpTeX? Note that I am using the same Omega, version 1.15, in 
> both fpTeX and teTeX from TeX-Live6.

most fptex installs are more recent than current (beta) tetex, which
fptex "follows".  in my old install, i have:

% Max number of characters in all strings, including all error messages,
% help texts, font names, control sequences.  These values apply to TeX and MP.
pool_size.context = 750000
pool_size = 250000
% Minimum pool space after TeX/MP's own strings; must be at least
% 25000 less than pool_size, but doesn't need to be nearly that large.
string_vacancies.context = 45000
string_vacancies = 25000
% Maximum number of strings.
max_strings.context = 55000
max_strings = 30000
% min pool space left after loading .fmt
pool_free.context = 47500
pool_free = 5000

but there's no distinction in the current beta between context and
"the rest", and all the values are *much* bigger.  perhaps try the
beta stuff i have

pool_size = 1250000
pool_free = 47500
max_strings = 100000
string_vacancies = 90000

iirc, you have to regenerate formats after changing these values


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