At 10:30 AM 11/28/2002 +0100, Tobias Haustein wrote:
Martin Schroeder wrote:

> Noone has reported about this yet. You would need to convert the
>  .svg to something pdfTeX can handle, i.e. Metapost, pdf, jpeg or
> png. Metapost should be possible. pdf seems doable if you use an
> svg parser and a pdf lib.

I don't know of such a solution. SVG is a lot more powerful than PDF since it
allows filter effects and animation. The other advanced features of SVG can be
emulated with more or less effort. The filter effects can be approximated but
you need to define a resolution to do them. Therefore, you loose the vector
properties of SVG.

An SVG to PDF converter that ignores filter effects and animation shouldn't be
too hard to write. We've discussed this and decided to write a PDF parser
instead. Our graphics library is then used to render the parsed graphic
primitives in order to generate either PDF, SVG, Flash (SWF) or raster
graphics (GIF, PNG, JPG, TIFF). Since there are SVG parsers readily available
(e.g. Batik from the Apache project), such a converter shouldn't be too hard.
Since there are svg viewers, why not write a plugin into acrobat? [unfortunately, the movie plugin does not not support the quite powerful applescripting which is part of the movie spec]

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