> It is a well-known problem that there are quite a few TeX versions
> are around where -src-specials will cause the equivalent of
> \usepackage{indentfirst}, namely causing chapter beginnings and the
> like under LaTeX to be indented.

I think that teTeX-beta never had this bug. It was introduced by a "last
minute" web2c-fix, shortly before TeX Live 7 was released.  I was unsure
about that fix and had not aapplied it to teTeX-beta.

> Are there any specific releases of teTeX-beta and/or TeXlive that one
> could recommend as not being afflicted in that particular manner?

I think that only the first versions of TeX Live 7 are affected. The
programs identify themself with a web2c-version that ends up with "x",
7.3.7x I think.


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