I installed some local additions to the system wide texmf tree in
~~/texmf. In order to have latex pick that stuff up, I set $TEXMF to
{$HOME/texmf,!!$TEXMFMAIN//,!!$TEXMFLOCAL//}. That results in:

% kpsewhich -expand-var='$TEXMF' 
warning: kpathsea: variable `TEXMF' references itself (eventually).

The latter two directories are defined in the system's

The stuff in ~/texmf/... seems to be picked up correctly. However,
problems with other packages arise:

------------------------------- snip ---------------------------------
% latex blurb.tex 
This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (Web2C 7.3.1)
LaTeX2e <1999/12/01> patch level 1
Babel <v3.6Z> and hyphenation patterns for american, french, german, ngerman, n
ohyphenation, loaded.
Document Class: scrbook 2001/08/17 v2.8l LaTeX2e KOMA document class
Package: typearea, Copyright (C) Frank Neukam, 1992-1994 
                   Copyright (C) Markus Kohm, 1994-2001
)) (/tmp_mnt/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/tex/latex/listings/listings.sty
! Undefined control sequence.
l.152 \lst@CheckVersion
------------------------------- snip ---------------------------------

The document blurb.tex is:


No problems arise, when I unset the TEXMF environment variable. Of
course, the files in ~/texmf won't be picked up anymore.

Any hints on what I am missing here (as well as which documentation I
might not have read) are appreciated.


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