> I want to use the Euro-character in LaTeX. Therefore I tried to install  
> the europs.sty package under teTeX in Mac OS X, but without success.

teTeX-beta includes the eurosym package for more than two months now.
You can try this if your Mac OS X port of teTeX already includes that
package. Documentation is included in texmf/doc/fonts/eurosym.

> Perhaps I should not extract the eurofont.zip for Windows and rename  
> the extracted files appropriately, but adapt the eurofont.sea.hqx for  
> Mac somehow.

I don't think that this is the problem. pdftex works fine with usual
type1 fonts. I'd guess that there are missing or incorect lines in your
map files that pdftex uses.

But, since Rowland McDonnell (author of the eurofont package) is a MAC
user, I sugggest that you contact him directly: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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    • Thomas Esser

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