On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Richard Sperling wrote:

> I've got a dual boot system, i.e., Linux/Windows 2000. I've got MiKTeX 
> installed on the Windows disk. Apologies if this question has been 
> asked/answered before, but am I correct in assuming that it's ok to take the 
> LaTeX packages that come with MiKTeX and install them in the requisite places 
> under teTeX? So there is no misunderstanding, I am only asking about LaTeX 
> package files per se, not the binaries, which are obviously platform 
> specific. Thanks.

In general, this should work, but you have to watch for the odd situation
where the newlines matter (e.g., some shell or perl script).  There are
tools that try to make intelligent conversions of newlines, but they 
can't always be trusted.  If you want to keep teTeX tightly synchronized
with MiKTeX for a small number of users this could be a reasonable thing
to do.  Another option would be to install texlive.

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