On Wed, 25 Dec 2002, Gene C. Ruzicka wrote:

> i've looked over the list of supported teTeX platforms at the above link, 
> but none of them corresponds to my platform, which is X86/cygwin . 
> do you support the cygwin platform, or are the cygwin people responsible
> for that?

Just a note of encouragement:  I built a teTeX beta almost exactly 1 year
ago using instructions posted on a Japanese web site (try a search for
"cygwin tetex beta").  There was a minor problem with the generated
Makefiles that I fixed manually, but overall the build went smoothly.  The
reason for building teTeX was to solve a problem one of our students was
having with pdftex on a Win95 PC (the install .DLL versions didn't suit
either fptex or MikTeX, and she needed to run some lab instrumentation
software so it didn't make sense to risk updating DLL's just for pdftex).

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