> I am a Japanese pTeX on teTeX user.   I use TeXShop and dvipdfm
> program to compile TeX and preview on my Mac OS X, which needs
> reencode files for computer modern fonts which are remapped by
> dvipdfm.

Can you please explain, why you think that you need reencoding for all
fonts in the bsr set? The idea of reencoding is to help the reader to
find ligatures (if you have a version with the "search" option) and to
help text extraction.

I don't see a benefit for reencoding e.g. cmbsy10. In the map files from
the author of dvipdfm, only the "pure" text fonts have been reencoded
(see cmr.map in the dvipdfm distribution).

> While making this encode files, I found updmap didnot work on Mac OS
> X since sed cannot understand replacement statements like
> 's/\(.*\)/\0 \1/'.   '&' mark do the same work as '\0' on Mac OS X
> and '\0' is just a letter '0'.   I don't know how to avoid this
> matter.

I just have fixed a few compatibility problems with updmap and I hope
that the teTeX-2.0 version will be good enough. If you want to test it
now, get it from here:


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