> If I try to compile the www library in a linux (redhat-8.0) system,
> there is a header that is missing. I added an
> #include <netdb.h>

configure checks for netdb.h and sets HAVE_NETDB_H in wwwconf.h.
Please, check if this has worked on your system. Look into config.cache
(in libs/libwww) if HAVE_NETDB_H is not set.

wwwsys.h includes netdb.h if HAVE_NETDB_H is set. Is there some .c file
includes HTDNS.h without including wwwsys.h before? You somehow have
missed to send the actual error message...

> people use an already installed libwww. I like to compile my own TeX
> and have its binaries independent of redhat's supplied libs.

I regulary compile libwww on my linux (non-redhat system) without any


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