Albert Chin wrote:

> Rather than fixing klibtool, I made the switch to
> libtool.

I would like to second this suggestion.

On Darwin/Mac OS X, I can hack klibtool to build shared libraries, but I
can't do it in a platform-independent way without introducing a huge amount
of new code.  Some differences on this platform: the shared library suffix
is .dylib not .so, the version number goes before the suffix (e.g.
libkpathsea.3.dylib, not, the version number is compiled
in to the library, the installation path is compiled in to the library.

Changing the suffix is no problem, and rearranging the pieces of the name
is not too difficult.  However, getting the installation path into the
picture would involve a major extension of klibtool (if done in a
platform-independent way), as far as I can tell.

On the other hand, GNU libtool already solved all of these problems.

  -- Dave

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