Just after updating to teTeX 2.0, I found that the listings.sty package is missing. In fact, I found this entry in texmf/ChangeLog:

Sat Dec 7 11:02:32 CET 2002
* update hyperref
* cbgreek fonts
* added cwebman.dvi, cwebmac.tex
* added lettrine package
* listings package removed for copyright reason. The copyright
first claims to be lppl, but incompatible terms follow. Somebody
should contact [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Well, I downloaded the current version of listings.sty, and its license reads:

%% This file is distributed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public
%% License from CTAN archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt.
%% Either version 1.0 or, at your option, any later version.
%% Permission is granted to modify the listings package as well as
%% lstdrvrs.dtx. You are not allowed to distribute a modified version
%% of the package or lstdrvrs.dtx unless you change the file names and
%% provide the original files. In any case it is better to contact the
%% address below; other users will welcome removed bugs, new features,
%% and additional programming languages.
%% The listings package is free software.
%% However, if you distribute the package as part of a commercial
%% product or if you use the package to prepare a commercial document
%% (books, journals, and so on), I'd like to encourage you to make a
%% donation to the LaTeX3 fund. The size of this `license fee' should
%% depend on the value of the package for your product. For more
%% information about LaTeX see http://www.latex-project.org
%% No matter whether you use the package for a commercial or
%% non-commercial document, please send me a copy of the document (.dvi,
%% .ps, .pdf, hardcopy, etc.) to support further development---it is
%% easier to introduce new features or simplify things if I see how the
%% package is used by other people.

Where is the problem with this license? It states clearly that it is free software. Is the phrase "I'd like to encourage you to make a donation to the LaTeX3 fund" the real problem? IMHO, beginning with "I'd like..." removes any enforcement to make a donation.

Please note that the listings.sty package is widely used. I think that removing it from the teTeX distribution because of such a little issue with license wording is a too radical decision.

And... did anyone contact [EMAIL PROTECTED]?

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