>   I've tried to compile current TeTex on Tru64Unix 5.1A with latest
> version of compilers from Compaq/HP, and I got the error below. Please, cc
> me in any replies.

The fix suggested by Albert Chin looks ok. Olaf Weber (web2c + kpathsea
maintainer) has decided to use % as separator instead as a short-term
solution and to get rid of that code in the long term.

> Please note, that configure forced usage CFLAGS -Olimit 1000 -std1 .
> -std1 makes cc into more strict mode, although it is sometimes better
> than standard -std. I'm not sure about limiting the optimization by
> default. I don't think it's a good idea and I as a user did not ask for
> it either.

That optimization limit was added to work around some compiler bugs
which produced incorrect code with higher optimization. That -std1
was needed, too at some point.

> sign. Maybe this is the same problem, I don't know, maybe it's enough to
> recreate configure with never auto* tools.

No, since automake is not used and the code in question is used in
some Makefile.in.

Thanks for your report.


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