> I am trying to use tetex in BeOS and have managed to compile it making 
> some small changes that I will post later for reference.
> fmtutil: config file `fmtutil.cnf' not found.

kpathsea translates search path read from texmf.cnf on unix-like systems
by replacing ";" -> ":". The unix-defection can be found in texk/kpathsea/cnf.c:

    /* gcc -ansi doesn't predefine `unix', since ANSI forbids it.  And AIX
       generally doesn't predefine unix, who knows why.  HP-UX is, of course,
       also different.  Apple's MacOsX is also unix-like.  */
    #ifndef unix
    #if defined (__unix__) || defined (_AIX) || defined (_HPUX_SOURCE)
    #define unix
    #elif defined (__APPLE__) && defined (__MACH__)
    #define unix
    #elif defined (__NetBSD__)
    #define unix

I think that your system needs to be added with an appropriate detection.
Note, that the same detection is implemented in texk/dviljk/config.h.

To explain why some of your searches work, while others don't: kpathsea
has one search path that it never takes from texmf.cnf and that's the
search path for texmf.cnf itself. If you say
  kpsewhich fmtutil.cnf
then kpathsea does not search in the "web2c files" search path, but in
the path for texmf.cnf (.cnf format).

The same happens if you say
  kpsewhich --format='web2c\ files' fmtutil.cnf
  kpsewhich --format='blubber kpathsea does not know' fmtutil.cnf

The "web2c files" format (if you don't cripple it by misspelling it with
a backslash), however is read via texmf.cnf and there, you are hit by
the missing ";" -> ":" translation.

Argh... If only these #ifdef's could be replaced by a proper autoconf


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