On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Thomas Esser wrote:

> > is it possible that europs is missing in teTeX 2.0(.1)?  g-brief 3.0
> > seems to rely on it.
> teTeX has eurosym and marvosym to support the Euro symbol. I am not
> sure ig this "dependency" of g-brief to europs is intentional or a bug.
> IMHO, g-brief should be happy with just one implementation for the
> Euro symbol.
> As other have guessed: I don't like that europs approach as the type1
> files cannot be distributed with teTeX.

Larger organizations (government, big companies) require that certain
documents conform to standards, which may well include a particular font
for the euro.  Times-Roman, etc, aren't distributed with teTeX, but they
(or some facsimile) are commonly found on many popular systems, so it
makes sense that TeX support them.  I'm not in a position to know how
organizations across the pond support the euro, but if there is a Type 1
font that is commonly installed beside Times-Roman, then it makes sense
for a new TeX to make it easy to use them.

The other consideration is whether it is easier to make europs "just work"
for systems that have the font or to explain why it doesn't work.

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