Can someone check something for me on a recent installation of teTeX (i.e. 
teTeX 2.0(.1)) on some other platform than Mac OS X:

In context I cannot get the uwr fonts to work. The following (minimalistic) 
file shows the problem on Mac OS X using the distribution prepared by Gerben 
Wierda. I want to figure out if it is a problem with his packaging or with 
teTeX in general (I suspect the latter).

%% start test file. Save as "test.txt"
\input tufte
%% end of the example

Run this file with texexec (texexec --pdf test) and see if it works. On 
TeXLive this works. Since this is what the author of context uses, I decided 
to switch and it works fine. Since Thomas decided to include support for 
context in his distribution, I think it should work on teTeX as well.

The fonts I'm asking for are available to LaTeX, so it is a little more 
detailed than "The fonts aren't there, dude ..."

Thanks in advance,

Maarten Sneep

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