On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 06:14:43PM +0100, Miguel Covas O'Ryan wrote:
> Now, I have some problems. First of all, I've been unable to use gcc as 
> ANSI compiler.
> configure complains about gcc being unable to generate executable files 
> (I think the test is
> done with flags "-g -Aa +e -D_HPUX_SOURCE" which gives
> <command line>: missing '(' after predicate
> )

That should not happen. configure has:

    case "$target" in
            if test "$CC" = "cc"; then
              CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -Aa +e -D_HPUX_SOURCE"; export CFLAGS
              AC_MSG_WARN(HP-UX's cc)

So, if you have gcc on your system, the unusual CFLAGS should not
be added.

> A bit dissapointed since my bad experiences with HP ANSI cc I've 
> configured with HP cc  as
> ANSI C compiler and gcc as C++ compiler (configure allows gcc to act as 
> C++ compiler !!)

The GNU C++ compiler should be called as g++, I think.

> do background silent processing, not to edit or visualize anything. Can 
> I skip someway that step?

Yes, two possibilities:
  ./configure --with-system-ncurses
  ./configure --without-dialog

> On the other hand I can try to fix hashmap.c which seems to be badly 
> build by the cpp (ufff)

> machines? Can we act as repository for
> anyone wanting to install tetex on a HP-UX machine? We (as Bancoval) 
> have modestly funded tex users group, but we would like to cooperate in 
> a more active way...

As long as the relative structure (binaries vs. texmf tree) is
kept intact, the binaries can even be used by other people in other
directories. The usual rules apply, so if you have used non-standard
shared libraries (e.g. for X11 or some curses lib), other people will
need that, too.


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