I'm  running tetex-1.0  with  no  problems. I  would  like to  rebuild
it without disrupting current users.  So I use a --prefix that
is slightly different from that of the current installation.  Both the build
directory  and the  target directory  are NFS-mounted.  When I  do the
"make  world", I get  "could not  find app-default  file for  xdvi". I
found  a reference  to this  in  the archives,  so I  checked my  xdvi
wrapper script and made sure it sets a reasonable XFILESEARCHPATH. 
The last lines of world.log say:

test -f /cs/local/lib/pkg/teTeX-1.0.0/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu/texconfig && \
    /cs/local/lib/pkg/teTeX-1.0.0/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu/texconfig init

What's going on? 


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