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Yesterday evening I received the sad announcement from Andreas Biebricher that his father, Prof. Christof Biebricher passed away on February 17.

I've had a long term email correspondance with Christof Biebricher and was months ago informed by him about his diagnosis, an incurable leukemia. Christof knew as a biophysical chemistry scientist what would be the outcome. His concluding comment was characteristic for him: "Ich kann dankbar sein für ein sehr interessantes und schönes Leben" ("I can be grateful for an interesting and beautiful life").

Christof was a true polyhistor practicing his science and musicianship with equal compassion. We in the TeX-Music community can be grateful for his valuable contributions, beautifully prepared editions and carefully researched German language documentation of our MusiXTeX engraving software.
Christian Mondrup, Archive Editor
WIMA: Werner Icking Music Archive
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