Hi André,

these are nice tricks. I did not know, that I can create a slur just with one note.

But I wonder how one would realize more than two simultaneous grace notes with the first trick.

My limited TeX capabilities do not allow me to further investigate the second trick "\\\let\grcut\grcu\def\grcu#1 etc."

Would this allow two have more than two simultaneous grace notes?

Above all the question is how frequent or rather rare such a situation is.

A more transparent solution would be to build a real z-option into the Grace notes.


Am 13.10.2016 um 05:48 schrieb Andre Van Ryckeghem:
This are 2 methods for writing grace chords

   2   1   3   4   3   4   0  -2

   1   2   20  .03

c43 b+ zes esi zb /
Gxe5s g2n-ud su+3-1 su+3 //
Gxse4s g24dn /
c43 b+ zes esi zb /
Gxse4s g2nud su+4-1.5 s /

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Subject: [Tex-music] chords in grace notes with PMX

Dear PMX experts,

I want to write 2 grace notes which build a chord and tried the following

Ga zf e4ds zg /


Ga Gf e4ds zg /


G2azf e4ds zg /


G2a zf e4ds zg /

1) and 2) silently ignore the second note of the intended chord, 3) and
4) complain about the z being not allowed after G.

Is there a way to do this with PMX?

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