On 4/5/2018 2:55 AM, Michal Hoftich wrote:
Hi Nasser,

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 2:43 AM, Nasser M. Abbasi <n...@12000.org> wrote:
I am just curious, why sometimes I see, when compiling
with tex4ht, using SVG for math, messages that says

   processing page nnnnn
   page is empty   ------>

I see so many of them. Interspersed between not empty pages.

I am now compiling one large file and seeing these. But I see
them on many other files, just thought to ask. I can provide
more information.

The strange thing, I see nothing wrong in the HTML so far, but
this produces hundreds of web pages with lots of math and I could
have missed something. There are no errors, compile completes OK.

there is an empty page after each picture in the .idv file. I am not
sure why it is inserted. Anyway, the default image compilation scripts
convert only non-empty pages, so it  is not so big issue. I think that
you use a modified script that converts all pages in the .idv file.
There is slight slowdown due the empty pages, but it would be much
slower to load the .idv file for each page separately. It should be
possible to specify pages which should be converted by dvisvgm, but I
am not sure how it would work for thousands of pages.

Best regards,

Thanks Michal for the info. I am using your main.mk4, the one
you send me long time ago. I did not change anything in it
(I would not know how to even if I wanted). It is listed


But good thing to know I do not have to worry about these
empty pages messages. It is just that this phase of
the build is sooooo slow. (Where is says processing page ....)

It took me about one week to compile 205 latex files. Some are
few thousands of pages with lots of math. I have 16 GB RAM PC,
intel i7-3930k CPU running windows 7. Using cygwin to build now.

Lualatex finishes very fast. may be Few minutes. But tex4ht is
the one that takes sooo long.

I need to buy new PC and get much more RAM and see if it will


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