last year, I've wroten to tex-l...@tug.org for a problem with xr-hyper, hyperref and htlatex with TeXlive 2017 ; Karl Berry wrote to me and said what it's better to write at tex4ht@tug.org for this sort of problems. So I do it for a new problem :

I'm using TeXlive 2018 for testing and I've found a problem with htlatex and biblatex. Attached file is an example. Commmand htlatex doc3 products the message :

   ! Argument of \blx@bibliography has an extra }.
   <inserted text>
   l.160 }

   ? q
   OK, entering \batchmode----------------------------

Enter "q" for each message seems to produce a correct file doc3.html.

I am not too clever to find a solution for this problem !

Otherwise, everything is OK with TeXlive2017

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        Philippe Spiesser

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