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Subject: NSS Cave Vandalism Deterrence Reward Commission
From:    Sarah Richards
Date:    Fri, September 16, 2016 7:55 pm

Hello, fellow cavers,

In case you're not already aware, the NSS offers a reward for information
that leads to the legal conviction of cave vandals anywhere in the United
States. The NSS will consider a reward of up to $1000 cash for *information
leading to a local, state, or federal conviction* of any person or persons
*for acts of cave vandalism*.

The Cave Vandalism Deterrence Reward Commission oversees this reward. I
have recently been appointed as the new Chairman of the Commission, and I
have five other NSS members on my committee representing different regions
of the U.S.

Today, I'm writing to make sure that you know that this reward exists and
tell you what you need to know about it!


1. If you see vandals in the act of vandalizing a cave or otherwise
are able to track down the identities of cave vandals, report it to the
appropriate local authorities. You may need to cite your local cave
protection laws, so here's a link to cave protection laws for all the
states that have them: https://caves.org/committee/conservation/pdf/

2. If you see something, say something.

3. If your assistance leads to a conviction, we want to hear about it:

o *E-mail* - Please contact us at vandalismdeterre...@caves.org (also on
the CC line of this message)

o *Web page* - https://caves.org/committee/conservation/vandalism.shtml
(soon to be updated)

o *Facebook* - Yup, we also have a presence there, "Cave Vandalism
Deterrence."  Check it out.

Lastly, please help spread the word that this reward exists. You might let
your fellow grotto members know about this reward. You're also welcome to
forward this message to other grottos & regions, *though I'd appreciate if
you first removed my e-mail address*.  My info is in the Members' Manual
for any NSS member to find.

As you know, cavers are our eyes & ears underground to keep vandalism in
check. The NSS takes vandalism seriously, and it wants to reward those who
are helping to put an end to it.

Cave softly!
Sarah Richards
Chair, NSS Cave Vandalism Deterrence Reward Commission

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