That may well be, but nowhere in the craigslist ad does it say that this IS a Cave formation and came from a cave.

"We" do not know if it is a cave formation. Sure it looks like it could be, but I have seen just this sort of "rock" in rivers, dry stream beds, even empty pastures, and also behind the utility trenchers in places like Round Rock subdivisions and road cuts, and old quarries.

If y'all feel it's fine to judge/condemn the seller without knowing for sure if it is even from a cave, then feel free to get the lynch mob together (even if just to tattle on the seller to Craigslist) Gary lives only 4 miles away from ya (Barlow Dr to N. Stone St per Google Maps).....

Terry H.

On 9/19/2016 7:44 AM, George D. Nincehelser via Texascavers wrote:
That's not what the law says.

Regardless of what state they came from, you need documentation.

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 7:27 AM, Terry Holsinger via Texascavers
<> wrote:
Unless you can PROVE that this was removed from a TEXAS cave without the
owners permission, there is NO evidence that there is any wrong doing.

Bad taste for selling them maybe, but with out contacting the seller and
asking were they got them from, no sign of wrong doing.

These "formations" MAY have come from a quarry and where the "cave" was is
now just air.

It may have come from a cave the seller owns, or that the seller has the
owners permission to "mine".

It may even have been removed by a "digger" trying to get to more cave

It may (most likely) also be from a shipment of "specimens" sent to the USoA
for resale from a foreign country (not just some foreign state like

Terry H.
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