Thanks for the “heads up”, David.

I liked The Paladins years ago and didn’t know that they were still around.

I’m related to four cavers (my kids) and we haven’t gone caving since an epic 
trip to CaCa and the Guads back in March 2015, prior to her joining the Navy.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s just that there’s a LOT more to life and things 
to do than going caving. They and my wife and I have been busy discovering what 
else lies out there.

Get busy and get out there!  Y.O.L.O.     (You Only Live Once)!

Mark Alman

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David via Texascavers

I would bet a 2 or 3 cavers out there also like The Paladins.

I am just saying maybe those 2 or 3 cavers might enjoy doing something together
that does not involve caving.

David Locklear
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